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Wisconsin, which has a population of 5 1/2 million residents, has quite a few respected health insurance companies. East Coast Health Insurance currently offers Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin, Celtic, Humana One, United Health One, WPS Health Insurance, and Dean.

So to find out the top plans in Wisconsin, I ran a quote for a 36 year old male in Madison.  The results were surprising and I will share my insights and recommendations on the best health plans in the state based on value and benefits.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield which is a perennial market leader in the state has great pricing on their SmartSense Plus POS 30% which has a $2,500 deductible and only cost me $96 per month.

Next up (in alphabetic order) was the CeltiCare Preferred Select PPO 80/20 Plan from Celtic which was just to pricey at $144.  Celtic is not the strongest company in Wisconsin and in most cases should be a carrier of last resort.

If you are willing to endure HMO networks, (which I am in fact a great fan of), the Dean health plans are by far the most competitive plan I have seen in awhile.  Check out the benefits on the Dean 2000.  This plan covers everything and the max out of pocket for an individual is only 2k.  I would definitely consider this plan.

They are a smaller carrier though and are only available in South-central Wisconsin.  The entire network consists of 1,900 providers, 80 clinics, and 26 hospitals which in actuality is not that bad.

Because of plans like Dean and Blue Cross of Wisconsin, Humana is just too expensive.  Their Humana Copay 80 3500 is over $200!  They are competitive in some areas and age brackets in Wisconsin, just not Madison.

Also competing with Dean, is Physicians Plus also in South-central Wisconsin which is an HMO with about half the members of Deans.  Their Physicians Plus HMO Wise Choice 2500 is really a great plan too, and is just as price competitive for a 36 year old male as Dean which offers a $2k deductible for about the same as the Physicians Plus 2500.

United Health One like Humana is not as affordable as the Wisconsin HMO’s.  Luckily the United Health One Copay Select 70 – 2500 is under $150 and is a bit cheaper than Humana, but a distant second to Blue Cross of Wisconsin.

Finally, WPS is a Wisconsin based PPO and it competes very well with  Blue Cross.  Their WPS PPO 2500-90 is definitely better than the Smart Sense Plus plan from Blue Cross.  Though in some demographics Blue Cross can beat them.

The bottom line is if your a PPO guy, the choice is clearly WPS or Blue Cross.  Dean’s HMO is the obvious choice though for anyone looking for the most insurance for the lowest prices in Wisconsin.

Currently AARP health insurance plans are not available in Wisconsin.