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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin

Anthem’s choice of plans offers a range of options to best fit your health-care needs as well as your particular budget and lifestyle.

Considering Wisconsin Anthem’s providers include 10,500 doctors and specialists, plus nearly 140 hospitals, it’s a good bet you’ll find your doctor in their directory. Anthem also offers optional dental insurance.

In addition to plans ranging from the highest levels of coverage (Premier Plus) to the lowest premiums (SmartSense Plus), Anthem’s unique programs include:

• A Deductible Credit Program which rewards healthy individuals whose plans have deductibles of $2500 or more.  You can earn up to 50% of the value of your deductible in a special incentive account, redeemable as cash for an unexpected medical issue.

•ConditionCare for one-on-one help from professionals trained in managing chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure.

•Future Moms, which provides educational materials, certain screenings and 24/7 phone access to registered nurses for expectant mothers.

If you’re interested in finding out which Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Wisconsin plan will work for you, call East Coast Health Insurance today. The call is free, and there’s absolutely no obligation: 888-803-5917.

East Coast Health Insurance guarantees instant insurance quotes and, if you choose to buy, purchase privacy and security. Once you select a plan, you will be directed to that company’s secure site to finish your application in compliance with HIPAA laws.