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Welcome to the East Coast Health Insurance, Wisconsin Health Insurance website. East Coast Health Insurance is the recognized leader of national health insurance brokerages both online and face to face. We offer great service and personalized attention to thousands and thousands of people throughout the country. East Coast Health Insurance strives to:

  • Improve people’s lives by offering quality health insurance at reasonable rates.
  • Provide easy access to medical providers without giving you the “run-around.”
  • Use technology to make navigating through the healthcare system easier.
  • Offer solutions that help health care professionals save time and serve patients.
  • Maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Many companies and websites claim they sell health insurance, when instead they are selling your personal information. East Coast Health Insurance would never do that; we are here to help you with all your health insurance needs.

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You will receive instant, affordable health insurance quote from all major national and regional Wisconsin health insurance companies right on this website, with plans that can be purchased privately and securely.  East Coast Health Insurance guarantees it.  Once you select a plan, you will be directed to that company’s secure site to finish your application securely and in compliance with HIPAA laws.

Why Get a Wisconsin Health Plan?

Millions of Americans needlessly suffer from pain and illness each year because they do not have health insurance.  The majority of people without health insurance just can’t afford to pay the high monthly premiums and/or they have pre-existing conditions that exclude them from obtaining coverage from most providers.

Health insurance provides an option to paying for medical expenses. An annual trip to the doctor’s office for a routine exam and medication refill can be financially draining unless you have adequate medical health insurance to cover the expense.

Luckily, only 9% of Wisconsin residents have no health insurance benefits.  So perhaps you are paying too much for your coverage and have received too many rate increases over the years.

People who have medical health insurance typically receive the following benefits:

  • Better quality medical health care.
  • The freedom to seek medical treatment whenever needed from a doctor. (People without medical health insurance are less likely to visit a physician for routine check-ups. Subsequently, they usually suffer from more illnesses than people with health insurance.
  • Chronic health conditions are managed more effectively.
  • More money in their pockets when it comes time to pay for their medical procedure.
  • If you are married with children, there is an option to cover the entire family, so no one is left without health insurance.

It is very important for anyone who does not have health insurance to apply for cover- age. A friend of mine just went in for a hysterectomy. The total bill for the procedure was  $65,000! Luckily for her, she had a good health insurance policy she purchased through East Coast Health Insurance (if you are curious, it is Humana).  She only had to pay the yearly deductible of $1,000. She was extremely happy that she had a good health insurance provider otherwise she would have been left trying to pay that huge hospital bill for many years to come.

If you do not have health insurance, do yourself a favor and call East Coast Health Insurance today for a rate quote. There is no-obligation and the call is free. Call today at: 888-803-5917 you’ll be glad you did.